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Social Studies Final Project

Here are some photographs of the creative component that I made for my Social Studies Final Project. For this creative component, I decided to create a piece that is more dynamic due to my theme being a very dynamic one. The paper section in the middle of the box rotates and shifts, showing how identity changes gradually throughout constantly changing power relationships. Here are some photos in case anyone missed this part of my presentation:

The Golden Spruce: An Insight from the Eyes of Grant Hadwin

July 17th, 1971 At last, I finally think I found my true calling. This is where I belong; in the woods, by myself, just me against nature. My chance to be at the frontier; the frontier of tall, looming trees and filtered sunlight. This landscape of looming behemoths; behemoths that heed the words of no man. Although it pains me to see these once glorious mountainsides and valleys stripped down to bare rock, it is wonderful compared to becoming a worker, forever chained to a desk, with no challenges to overcome. Anyways, it’s not like the forest could ever run out of trees, right? I have the freedom to do whatever I want; take a detour to a neighbouring mountain, or hike along a wooded river. There is nothing that I can fear here; not even the wild cougars and grizzlies can defeat me; I am in my element, as naturally a bird in the air.   May 21st, 1979 Is cutting down all of these trees really the right thing? All of my doubts.. Read More

Found Poem

For my found poem, I decided to use page 60 of The Golden Spruce. The poem ended up as follows: Drums pulsing, moving, bursting, into a floor-shaking tumult Then, disappear, as if jerked away by an unseen string. Voices rose into the air, resonating with grief; As the flames rise around the people, some cracks begin to show. The people break out of the flames and suddenly stare out, Engulfed and yet untouched by the fire, As flames burst, weeping molten tears. When I was reading through the book, this page jumped out at me in particular with its strong, vivid imagery, and flowing paragraphs that transitioned very smoothly. I then thought about how I could use fire to represent something that I wanted to talk about in the poem. Image Source   In this poem, I used fire as a metaphor, and chose an image of a flame blazing away in the night for my image. I tried to use fire in this poem to represent the swallowing of Aboriginal and First Nations culture.. Read More

In-Depth Post #6: A Bit of Polishing

In the past two weeks, I have managed to meet with Peter two times to play badminton. The last time I went with him, we worked improving my hits overall in general. He told me that he had noticed that I had been swinging my arms out wildly before I hit the birdie, which may cause me to lose balance or not be able to react quickly enough in time. That is mainly what I worked on for the past two sessions, since at this point there aren’t really any new moves for me to learn, and I am mostly working on polishing the ones that I do know, for the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none” is not the point of this project. While I was taking photos for this blog post, I realized that taking photos of a sport, especially a sport such as badminton, is very difficult. As you can see from the photo below, if you just pose and don’t move for a photo that looks very unnatural as.. Read More

Chemistry Independent Investigation: Hatchery

For my chemistry inquiry, I had wanted to look into the involvement of chemistry with nature and therefore decided to go to a hatchery to look into how chemistry was involved there. A week ago, on a rainy Saturday, I went to the Hoy Creek Hatchery to learn more about the involvement of chemicals in the operations of the Hatchery. I had emailed the Hoy Creek Hatchery Organization, which then gave me the contact information of the hatchery manager. I then contacted the hatchery manager, Rodney Lee, in advance and arranged for him to give me a tour of the facilities and an in-depth explanation of the things that go on there. After spending a few hours there, I returned home with thirteen pages full of notes in my Rite in the Rain notebook for me to review and share. He offered to email me the Metro Vancouver guide for different hatchery water testing procedures, of which I gladly accepted that offer. I referred to that guide when writing this blog post to ensure that I hadn’t.. Read More

The Realisation of Ideals

Background For this blog post, I was interested in finding out more about how the responsible government actually worked at doing what it was supposed to do, representing everyone, in the early days of Canada right after Confederation, and if John A. MacDonald and company were really successful in making a fair, representative government that represented all Canadians, regardless of income. In part my reason for doing this came from the fact that my character for the role play, John Graves Simcoe, was very against democracy and a responsible government, and believed strongly in a class-based monarchy as the best form of government. Tying into this, I also hope to find out what degree of power separation remained, if there was any left, between the upper and lower classes of the newly formed Dominion of Canada. In summary, my guiding questions are as follows: How did the government in the days immediately after Confederation function compared to now? How did the representation of minorities and the lower class change after Confederation, compared to before? Research Overall, I had.. Read More

In-Depth Post #5: Over Halfway Through

Over spring break, I managed to get a fair amount of learning accomplished even through having to prepare for the trip to Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre during the spring break. When I have been playing badminton, the main thing I have been trying to focus on is to practice as much as possible, as once you get past a certain point in learning all of the skills, getting experience and learning to use judgement are the best ways to improve. I also played badminton Rachael again to get even more practice in with badminton, and started learning how to perform a slice. A slice is a move which is different from a hit where you use your racket to cause the birdie to tumble or spin in the certain unpredictable way. I still am not able to perform this move well, but I am working on it. In addition, I got to have a lesson with Peter again, where I had a short conversation with him after practice, which I was able to take notes.. Read More

John Graves Simcoe: Confederation

September 2, 1864 Although I may not be part of the corporeal world anymore, I still am here, an onlooker from afar, not doing anything but observing. The world has changed greatly since my death from that pestilent sickness that took my life; the achievements that I made in my life are things of the distant past. Currently, slowly but surely, the winds of change are stirring, pushing this colony further and further away from the British Empire. Yesterday a conference in Charlottetown ended, beginning the first step in reaching the potential nation known as Canada. The people are fools; so caught up in ruling over their own little kingdom that they would do anything to split from the British Empire. It was a mistake for any of the colonies, including the United States of America, to unite in the first place. I was so determined to bring the United States of America back into the welcoming arms of the British Empire; bringing them under the gentle ruling hand of our Queen Victoria. However, I finally.. Read More

In-Depth Post #4: Broadening my Horizons

The past weeks have been ones that have been quite rewarding. I have been able to have two more very rewarding session with my mentor as well as have a long session with Rachael playing badminton and talking about the ways that I personally can improve my skills over the weekend. The first of the sessions with my mentor involved me learning more about both footwork and reinforcing the principle of always returning to the centre of the court. I finally think that my movements are starting to flow much better now, as I could see it when I played against my mentor that it was much easier to reach a birdie that had been hit to the far side of the court because the habit of maintaining my footwork and always returning to the centre of the court was turned into a habit, making it so that I can focus on other things during the game without having to constantly think about where I’m putting my feet. During the second session with my mentor, I.. Read More

The Rise of a Colony

August 23rd, 1793 Upper Canada: a place that was just newly formed, is finally, with my daily toil, moving in the direction that I envision it. My “Act Against Slavery” has made us, Upper Canada, the first British colony to abolish slavery. We will no longer follow the barbaric, savage practices that the Americans and Lower Canadians make; I have made the first step in proving the superiority of Upper Canada. I am not merely the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada; I am the king of this colony, the sovereign of Upper Canada, the one who will lead this colony and make it into the colony of my dreams. Oh, how I loathe having to obey that man, my supposed superior, Lord Dorchester who sits and does nothing but twaddle his thumbs all day from his position in Lower Canada. That unimaginative old fart is bereft of ideas; even though I have contacted his superiors in London many times they still refuse to remove him from his position. I dream of so many things, so.. Read More