For my found poem, I decided to use page 60 of The Golden Spruce. The poem ended up as follows:

Drums pulsing, moving, bursting, into a floor-shaking tumultimg_20170507_153258484

Then, disappear, as if jerked away by an unseen string.

Voices rose into the air, resonating with grief;

As the flames rise around the people, some cracks begin to show.

The people break out of the flames and suddenly stare out,

Engulfed and yet untouched by the fire,

As flames burst, weeping molten tears.

When I was reading through the book, this page jumped out at me in particular with its strong, vivid imagery, and flowing paragraphs that transitioned very smoothly. I then thought about how I could use fire to represent something that I wanted to talk about in the poem.

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In this poem, I used fire as a metaphor, and chose an image of a flame blazing away in the night for my image. I tried to use fire in this poem to represent the swallowing of Aboriginal and First Nations culture by the west, and how the traces of First Nations culture became burnt away, replaced with something completely different, ending in sadness, weeping molten tears.