When I was in Vancouver on Wednesday, I was amazed. Now, you might think that I, having grown up in the largest city in the world, would not have been as awestruck as I was. The truth is, most of my memories are gone from that period in my life.

Outside the Library during my Solo Spot
The Towering Library Food Court

As a boy growing up in the suburbs, I had grown up with the small library in Coquitlam City Hall. When the new library underneath the apartment complex was built, I thought that it was the most amazing library ever, way bigger than the Poirier, Terry Fox, or Port Moody libraries. When I saw all seven floors of the Vancouver Public Library, I saw a library that easily dwarfed all the libraries in the Tri-Cities put together. The library was beautiful. It was, together with all the other buildings in Vancouver, a tapestry, made layer upon layer by thousands of people.

On the way there, the commute was fairly normal. We ended up going over one of the viaducts that may be torn down, shown below.

The view from the viaduct

Before I went to the Library, I went to wonderful, cosy, MacLeod’s Bookstore.┬áIt held many more books than it looked like it could hold, with teetering stacks of ancient books with golden lettering fading away.

On the trip, I managed to get a book about my Eminent Person, Mark Zuckerberg, and also managed to explore the vast library, so I would consider this trip a success. I would say that the theme of this trip was Exploration. From this trip, I learned that there’s always a bigger fish in the pond, and that our view of the world can be changed simply by the physical location of your home. The Vancouver Library seemed amazing to me, but to a regular library-goer in Vancouver, the Vancouver Library may seem normal. In my free time, I think I would like to visit again.